What is neurodiversity?

Beyond autism to encompass all forms of neurodivergence

 Put simply, neurodiversity challenges the medical model of causation and cure and instead celebrates conditions such as autism and ADHD as an inseparable aspect of identity. Having an awareness and understanding of one’s own neurodiverse traits leads to a positive identity that needs no cure.

Neurodiversity is the variation in neurocognitive functioning of the human mind and it originates from the Autistic Rights Movement of the 1990’s. The term was conceived by Judy Singer an autistic Australian sociologist and adopted by the autistic activist community.

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How can we support neurodiversity in the UK?

CASS believe that peoples neurological conditions should be recognised and accepted as a respected human variation. Creative potential and well being can be improved by embracing neurodiversity as a natural form of human diversity.

Working face to face across the South of England and South Wales including; Cardiff, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, Exeter, London, Sussex, Portsmouth and Kent and online all across the UK and abroad.

We also offer Skype and Zoom support for the whole of the UK and abroad.

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No one needs fixing, people experience the world in many different ways. We help our clients to navigate the world and find strategies to help them reach their full potential. Whatever that may be.

CASS helps clients to understand that the Neurodiversity Paradigm is an essential form of human diversity subject to the same social dynamics as other forms of diversity. The idea that there is one “normal” type of brain or style of neurocognitive functioning has no more value than the idea that there is one “right” culture, gender, race or sexuality.

When embraced, diversity can act as a positive force of creative potential.



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