About CASS

CASS CIC is passionate about helping clients to discover their own remarkable capacity for self-healing and personal growth. Our Integrative Counselling support and coaching strives to equip people with successful coping strategies for positive integration in everyday life.

The ultimate goal is self-actualisation through a truly person-centred approach with unique programmes to support people with neurodiverse traits.  

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A new approach to support those with Neurodiverse traits

In line with recent research, we reject the many decades of standard psychoanalytical models that set out to inform someone of ‘who they are’. We seek instead to go on a journey with our clients and respond to their individual needs. Learning new skills in a safe and supported environment helps people to feel more confident and thus happier.

We also offer support nationwide and abroad via Skype, Zoom Whatsapp, Signal, Email, Phone and Text.

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What we do

We believe everyone has the natural ability to realise their full potential. Pursuing and understanding what is best for your wellbeing aids your ability to cope with and navigate life’s challenges. At CASS we take a client-centred approach to counselling helping to facilitate your own journey of personal growth, reconnecting with inner values and strengths towards building happier, healthier lives. Our individualised support and human connection also add to a toolkit for those on the spectrum who are vulnerable to developing separate mental health problems.

Certified not for profit Community Interests Company

Giving back to the communities we serve is at the heart of what we do. We are committed to building lasting social networks of support with our clients and their local community.


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Kay Morgan BSc (Counselling) [MBACP]

Founding Director of CASS – Neurodiversity Counsellor.


Kay has recently returned to Wales to support her autistic daughter at University in Cardiff, after bringing up her family and founding CASS in the South East of England,

Whilst parenting an autistic child, Kay often felt the system lacked the specialist emotional and mental health support network desperately needed for those on the spectrum and for their respective caregivers.

While working in the field of autism for over 15 years, it became apparent that many of CASS clients looking for support were presenting other neurodiverse traits that did not strictly fall under the category of autism. Also, those who did not have enough traits to receive a formal diagnosis were struggling with certain aspects of neurodiversity.

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