Neurodiversity needs no cure

The strengths of the Autism

Autistic Spectrum Condition, also known as ASC, is a neurodiverse condition that affects the way that a person communicates. This is the same situation for people who suffer from Asperger’s syndrome. 

A person with ASC is going to experience colours with more vibrancy, feelings with more intensity, and sounds with more attention. They are also highly focused and can handle numbers with ease.

These are some of the reasons why people with autism tend to gravitate towards professions in music, painting, and programming.

Some of the most remarkable strengths of ASC include:

  • Tenacity and a sense of honesty and ethical behaviour
  • Ability to create patterns and find patterns
  • Ability to process information faster
  • Ability to retain information with ease

The following are some of the struggles people with ASC deal with:

  • Having difficulties with the process of following instructions that are not clearly defined.
  • Difficulty handling too many social interactions during the day
  • Becoming obsessed with details and getting stuck in their workflow

The strengths of ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects the part of our brain that allows us to control our impulses. This is known as a disability, but the truth is that people with ADHD can have incredible advantages in terms of their skills.

Some of the most relevant strengths of ADHD include:

  • Higher levels of alertness
  • Problem-solving skills with above-average results
  • Passionate and very committed to excellence
  • Strong visual skills

These advantages could also difficult situations such as:

  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Not showing any attention to details
  • Being too talkative and not getting enough work done
  • Having problems when communicating with others

We can help our clients learn to handle their thought process thus allowing them to generate and retain more ideas. Also, by highlighting an individual’s strengths their confidence grows in a multitude of environments such as school and the work place. We support people with ADHD to engage in social interactions and look for employment with a successful outcome.

CASS believes that everyone has the natural ability to realise their full potential. Our counselling and support services are designed to support neurodiverse people and their social network. We work with many people including individuals students, adults, children, parents and couples to help them integrate successfully and happily within their communities.

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